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 Cyber Gypsy


webcast performance
(projects from 2009 + 2010)

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Markedsfør din side


The performance was webcasted on


Sunday November 28, 2010

21.00/9 pm Central European Time

Webcast channel: WWW.USTREAM.TV (TribaldanceDK)

with a total of:  82  unique viewers




"Cyber Gypsy II - Matrix Expanded" was a follow-up project on the "Cyber Gypsy"" webcast from the year before (webcasted Dec 16, 2009).


It was an experimental dance performance project with the aim to add a new and different dimension to dance theatre. Using new media and new forms of communication it is an attempt to present a performance where the audience and the performers will be together in cyberspace but with different means to communicate from the regular theater stage.


The filming explored the dance in a new way, considering both the technical possibilities and limitations together with the artistic side.


The essential side of the project was the live-broadcasting and what we can achieve with this. One question we often bumped into before we launched the first project last year was "why dont you just film it and upload it to youtube".


The answer is: this is not a video production, but a small theater piece. If you go to see a live performance you get the un-edited version, the story on stage cannot be cut together afterwards like a movie - so the performance need to be planned and rehearsed well to give the spectators the sensation, the feeling, the story, the atsmosphere.


When you sit in that theater, you will be wrapped in the darkness and filled with the tensions coming from the performers ... can we provide that same feeling in cyber space?


This is why it had to be live-broadcasting ... we wanted you to be there with us so we together can make this experience an experience!!





Louise Granhøj Hechmann

Lisa Bügel Jørgensen

Dud Muurmand



Dud Muurmand



Charlotte Bank

Dud Muurmand



Anne Mette Nielsen

Nanna Mansa

Signe Stenbak Larsen




with permission and kindly supplied by Jeremiah Soto - Sound of Solace www.soundsofsolace.com


We are using these two tracks (and you can buy the downloads from www.empcds.com


" Opium Head - Addicts Fix"

"Dabari Way"


Both tracks from CD "Opium Head - Dirty Ragas"


PROJECT is organized by Tribaldance Denmark www.tribaldance.dk  and was also financially supported by the Municipality of Frederiksberg/DK




Former project "Cyber Gypsy" 2009

A project by

Dud Muurmand and Charlotte Bank / Tribaldance.dk
(finished in Dec 2009)
supported by

The Danish Art Council's Commitee
for the Performing Arts

Carlsberg Idé-legat
Frederiksberg Kommune
The Municipality of Frederiksberg

Dud Muurmand, DK: dud_dk@yahoo.com   phone: (+45) 3811 3718  cell: (+45) 4017 2051